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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What do I do if my ladder gets wet?
    Please be sure the ladder is completely dry before using the ladder.
  • How can I clean the ladder?
    In order to keep your ladder functioning properly, it is very important to keep the stiles clean and free from any paint or debris. To clean the ladder we recommend using furniture wipes or rubbing alcohol to clean the stiles and rungs (do NOT use a mineral or oil based cleaner). You can also use an air gun or a can of air to spray the dust and dirty off the ladder and thumb tab area.
  • Are the Austram Ladders certified for safety?
    Yes. Our Austram telescoping ladders are certified making them the safest telescoping ladders on the market.
  • Best contact?
    Please fill the contact form below.
  • What is the difference between Reach Height and Ladder Height?
    Ladder Height is the distance from the very base of the ladder to the top rung. It is the nominal height of the ladder. Reach Height represents the average maximum height you can achieve when standing at the highest rung within the safety range (if you are taller than average you will have a higher reach height).
  • What can I lubricate my ladder with?
    We recommend: lubricate your ladder with a dry silicone spray. DO NOT lubricate your ladder with a petroleum based product like WD40.
  • Can the telescoping ladders extend and be used at less than their maximum height?
    Yes, one of the key features of Austram Ladder is the Individual Rung Locking Capability. Individual Rung Locking allows the user to extend and lock each rung individually as needed which gives the ability to use the ladder at any height between it’s fully retracted position and it’s fully extended position.
  • How should I store my ladder?
    In an upright position in a cool, dry storage space. Avoid leaving the ladder outside for extended periods of time.

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